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What makes it a good product

A few weeks ago one colleague asked me a question - “What makes it a product good?”. I am not a product manager but it seems to be an interesting question. As a developer, I know how applications are created and what problems they face.

From my point of view, it is impossible to create an ideal product. At least I haven’t seen one. But let’s define criteria and understand how to improve products even if they are not good enough.

Note-taking software - Investigation

As any other person, who would read that article - I wanted to structure my minds. And the best way to do it - writing notes! Somebody prefers to use a simple notebook with paper and a pen, but I am a software developer and most of my time I spend near my notebook/PC/mobile-phone, also I am not so good in writing by hand. :)

I use notes several years in a row, and I tried different applications to simplify the process. So I want to share my experience about note taking applications and offer some recommendations if you are looking for the best app for your needs.

Evolution of Interaction

If you write frontend application - I assume that it interacts with backend API server. If your app is small - you do not think about architecture and scaling. But if it is a big LTS application - you need to think about it! Why? Because You will develop and support that application in future, so just pray that you wont hate yourself in time. I want to tell you how people often develop an interaction between UI and API.