Who am I?

I act as a software engineer since 2011.

Nowadays I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Besides development, I enjoy traveling a world, cooperating, exchanging knowledge and experience with others. I’m fond of open source development. So I help other developers to push their projects to the next level.

I hope you'll find interesting and helpful material here. Send me a message or tweet! I appreciate any feedback!

Here you can find the path I passed.


Develop JS community in Sigma Software


Build a web translation tool for i18next

A tool to manage translations right from your web application. It is React based component.



Re-wrote PHP monolith (with Angular 1.2) to React

Developed automatization of document control for insurance companies for Swiss client.


GIS Developer

Geographic information systems used to help people to define routes for trips or sports competitions. Worked on the nGeo library, Python, AngularJS, OpenLayers.


Graduated from University

Graduated from the Admiral Makarov national university of shipbuilding in Mykolaiv. So I have a master’s degree in information management systems and technologies with the competence of computer system analyst.


Build the project for resource tracking software

Mentored a team of trainees. Managed architecture refactoring process. Set up development processes with AngularJS, Python.


Build ad tracking software

Developed app to determine fraud advertisement. Created front-end, back-end apps from scratch with C#, AngularJS, TypeScript.


Freelance web developer

Tons of small web-apps :)


Game developer

Developed simple games for children, performed on 3D Action Shooter with OpenGL, C++, Java.


3D-Art teacher

Taught Photoshop and 3dsMax to schoolkids.


Build a database for a hospital

System was used by doctors to analyze the progress of a dermatology disease and define a trend.

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