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Aleksey Pastuhov

Hello, my reader,

I am Aleksey Pastuhov, and this is my personal blog. I graduated from the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding in Mykolaiv. So I have Master’s degree in the field of Information management systems and technologies and the qualification of Computer System Analyst.

I work as Software Developer more than 5 years. And I was able to work in different areas:

  • As Game Developer I built simple 2D games for kids and 3D Real Time Shooter based on OpenGL.
  • As Web Frontend Developer I created complex Web applications among them: Social Network, Advertisement Analyzing System, Tracking and monitoring system for project managers, GEO-based application for travelers, etc.
  • As Web Backend Developer I prefer to build and optimize pure SQL databases than generating them with ORM-tools, organize and construct an architecture of the backend.
  • As Lead Developer I mostly like to optimise processes, plan and do code refactoring and improve the global quality of the project using such tools as CI&CD.

Nowadays I live in Kyiv. I like traveling, having fun, cooperate and exchange knowledge and experience with others and I certainly like development. Mostly I like open source development, that is why I am trying to share my knowledge and help others developers to improve their products or libraries.

I hope you will find some interesting and helpful information here. Feel free to contact me! Write a message!

Thanks for reading!

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